Advanced Biofabrication Technologies

The new frontiers of regenerative medicine

The regenerative medicine represents one of the greatest challenges of modern medicine.

With Electrospider we aim to use cells taken from the patient to biostamp perfectly functioning organs and modeled from the anatomy of the patient.

This allows resolve the problems legati alla limitata disponibilità di organi per trapianti e alle connesse problematiche anti rigetto a cui deve essere sottoposto il paziente per il resto della sua vita.


Our solution

Our offer is aimed at pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, hospitals, clinics and laboratories, research centers and universities in Italy and abroad, and includes the sale of Electrospider, usage protocols, contracts for 3D bioprinting services, customer assistance, training and R&D contracts.


3D Service

Our technology hub

The 3D printer that we use to achieve anatomical prototypes, are located in our technological center a few kilometers from Firenze.

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Advanced Biofabrication Technologies

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